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Equity Investing Pharma & Drugs Sector

The Approach For Equity Investing is to Move to Pharma & Drugs Sector

My FinopediaMay 30, 20223 min read

Markets have been rebounding themselves like never before. Here, the MFDs have been finding it onerous in dealing with incremental inflows. We can see that equity is the sure-shot asset class for investing for the next 10 years. Given that…

stock market 2022

What to Contemplate From 2022 as a Keen Investor?

My FinopediaMay 30, 20223 min read

The year immediately after the nice bounce-back carries with it a lot of expectations. Many times, it becomes a burden too. Over the past 12 months, even the mutual fund…

Financial Planning Tips

Dreaming with Closed Eyes & Bringing to Reality with Open Eyes

My FinopediaMay 23, 20223 min read

Buying a duplex house; an SUV car; surplus for your kids’ education abroad; Annual international holiday; and last but not the least luxurious post-retirement life; etc. some people dream about…

Arbitrage Funds Short Term

Arbitrage Funds Sensible For Parking in Short-Term Funds

My FinopediaMay 21, 20223 min read

Equity funds are highly volatile and very risky for a brief-term, debt funds are somewhat sidelined by return-conscious investors looking to park money for a brief duration. Investors with a…

Mutual Fund For Long Term

Mutual Funds are Not About Shortcut Returns and Fashionable Ideas

My FinopediaMay 17, 20223 min read

2021 was a year when the pendulum swung from gloomy in 2020 to some plethora in 2021. Many segments began experiencing earnings for 3 to 5 years being discounted at…


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Sensex and Nifty Today

Today’s Stocks Market Updates (10 February 2023)

My FinopediaFeb 10, 20231 min read

VALUATIONS SENSEX PE Ratio 23.13 NIFTY PE Ratio 21.06 Source: NSE and BSE BSE SENSEX60682.70 -123.52-0.20%NIFTY 5017856.50 -37.00-0.21%NIFTY Bank41559.40 5.100.01%BSE…

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