Best Online Retirement Planning Tools India

Online Retirement Planning Tools

In today’s fast-paced world, planning your retirement has been a cake walk. When the golden years of our lives are spent, it is now the potential time to live a financial risk-free life of our retirement. Well, saying that now it’s possible in the world of the internet. In this day, we can access a plethora of online tools in just a few clicks for retirement planning. From budgeting apps to investment calculators, it has become a flexible option using these online resources to plan the future with precision.

In this article, let’s embark on the latest online retirement planning tools that can help you secure a journey towards a seamless retirement life.

Best Online Retirement Calculators in India

Below are the best online retirement planning tools that you should use in 2023:-

1. Moneycontrol Retirement Planning Calculator:-

Moneycontrol, a popular financial news & advisory platform developed a retirement planner tool that can personalize your age and your future financial goals & appetite. It lets you create your corpus with your age and wealth you are going to accumulate in the future in a flexible manner.

2. Scripbox Retirement Planning Calculator

Scripbox is a popular online investment platform that helps to determine by its algorithm your age, current income, and expenses to tailor your investment planning for your retirement. Also, it compares your plans (NPS, EPFs, FDs, etc.) and makes it easier for you to estimate your income from the investments in future.

3. Groww Retirement Calculator

Groww is one of the influential companies for its retirement planning, investment & calculator, which helps you get intriguing support in your online retirement planning. Calculating your expenses, monthly savings & emergency corpus, it helps you review & compare important savings techniques for the future.

4. HDFC Life Pension Guaranteed Plan Calculator

HDFC is a leading insurance company that provides the tool for helping calculate the retirement goals for future. The tool takes into account your monthly income, expenses, exigence’s, insurance, rising capital and others to make you well-informed about your future retirement corpus amount.

5. Personal FN Wealth Creation Retirement Calculator

Lastly, Personal FN, a reputed company in financial planning helps you create a worthy plan to save your money for long-term financial success. You get multiple options that give you clarity to specify your monthly income, household expenses, medical expenses, & inflation rate to determine your corpus for the planning of the future.

Mobile Apps and Software

Along with various websites, there are quite a few optimized tools to help you plan your investment goals, portfolio & savings for the future. They are the following:-

● Personal Capital

The tool helps you all tools & strategies in one app and you can save your information to get information that is more powerful. It’s easy feature helps you navigate without any hassle & also access without any extra costs.

● Mint

Mint is a popular finance app that helps you track your expenses and create a budget. You can plan your expenses, verify your payments & simplify your investment goals with the apps”?’ state-of-the-art features.

● Wealthfront

Wealthfront gives you an array of tools to help you determine your costs for the future according to your age, income, taxes, payments & other factors to give you well rounded results of your financial goals.

● Vanguard

Vanguard gives you many facilities that incentivise your planning according to your present expenses. With its Nest Egg Calculator, you get the flexibility to check your retirement savings plan without any worry.

Books and PDF

In addition to online tools, there are also many resourceful books that can help you get to know various aspects of the investment world for retirement savings. Some of the prominent books are “Personal Finance in Your 50s All-in-one for Dummies” by Eric Tyson, Retirement- a beginner’s guide by Mick Kremling, Personal Finance Quickstart Guide by Morgen Rochard, Your complete guide to successful and secure retirement” by Larry Swedroe & Everything you need to know about savings for retirement ” by Ben Carlson. The books are available on amazon or other audiobooks, which you can learn to be more knowledgeable about the retirement planning world.

Video and Podcasts

You can also take advantage of the video and podcasts that can make you more well aware of the investment world. Some of the well-recognised videos & podcasts among them are Stay wealthy retirement show podcasts by Taylor Schulte, Retirement Starts Today by Benjamin Brandt, ET money videos & podcasts, the Financial Express videos & podcasts, etc.

The Bottom Line

Retirement savings has not always been such an easy way. With the invention of various tools, you can grow & streamline your operations to maximize your savings for your retirement. Also, consider various experts & researching your own news before investing in various sectors of retirement investments.