Investment Portfolio

Assets Under Management

What Are Assets Under Management (AUM)?

Assets Under Management (AUM) is a financial metric used in the investment industry to quantify the total market value of assets that an investment firm or fund manager oversees on behalf of clients. AUM is a crucial indicator of the size, scale, and success of an investment management business. AUM includes various types of assets, …

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Mutual Fund Direct Plan

Why Direct Plan?

Mutual funds are usually chosen based on two terms ‘Direct Plan’ and ‘Regular Plan‘. An investor manages his portfolio through directly investing through a fund manager or through supervising investment through a distributor’s fund or manager. In case of direct investment because of the lower expense ratio, the returns automatically get high in comparison to …

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Fee-Only Financial Advisor

Why We Need Fee-Only Financial Advisor?

A fee-only financial advisor provides financial planning advice or consultation services and manages your personal finance.  These advisors are paid on a flat-fee basis for their service and in return, they provide you with the best financial pieces of advice that enhance your investment portfolio. They work for your profit and in return charges a …

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