investment strategy

Proxy Investing

What is Proxy Investing?

Delegating financial decisions to a third party, usually an investment advisor or professional fund manager, is known as proxy investing. Clients assign the task of managing their investments to a proxy, who develops and implements investment plans on their behalf, rather than taking on the management themselves. Typically, in this procedure, clients give the proxy …

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Invest For Short-Term Goals

How Do I Invest For Short-Term Goals?

Investing for short-term goals typically involves a different strategy compared to long-term investments, as you prioritize liquidity and capital preservation. Here’s a concise guide which will guide you to invest safely that too in short period. 1. First, determine your specific short-term financial objectives, such as saving for a vacation, buying a car, or covering …

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Mutual Fund Direct Plan

Why Direct Plan?

Mutual funds are usually chosen based on two terms ‘Direct Plan’ and ‘Regular Plan‘. An investor manages his portfolio through directly investing through a fund manager or through supervising investment through a distributor’s fund or manager. In case of direct investment because of the lower expense ratio, the returns automatically get high in comparison to …

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ETFs vs Mutual Funds

What is the Difference Between ETFs and Mutual Funds?

The ideal approach to invest your money and get a good return over time is with a mutual fund or exchange-traded fund (ETF). While they are sometimes interrelated, regular mutual funds and exchange-traded funds, (ETFs) have some major differences in terms of wealth creation and money management. Let’s know about the basic differences that insure …

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Investing Tips For Equity Market

Factors to Consider When Making Investment Decisions

In the past two years approximately, equity fund investors have experienced a roller coaster of  emotions because the equity market moved from multi-year lows in March 2020, to all-time high  within the half-moon of 2021 sailing the emotions from extreme fear to euphoria. Equity market  and emotions go hand in hand. However, reacting to the …

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