Today’s Stocks Market Updates

Sensex and Nifty Today
SENSEX PE Ratio 23.63
NIFTY PE Ratio 21.57
Source: NSE and BSE
BSE SENSEX60571.08                  112.png+455.95+0.76%
NIFTY 5018070.00                   112.png+133.70    +0.75%
NIFTY Bank40873.10                 112.png +299.10+0.74%
BSE MID CAP26252.08              112.png+84.65+0.32%
BSE SMALL CAP29893.97              112.png+70.29+0.24%
GOLD (Rs./ 10 gm)50,540.00             -91.00  -0.18%
SILVER (Rs./kg)57,490.00            -1.00   -0.00%
USD/INR79.46                -0.37-0.46%
Source: Moneycontrol

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