How IPL Makes Money?

How IPL Makes Money

No one can deny that IPL is the heartthrob of our nation, no one dares to remove their eyes from the scoreboard! Do you?

However, doesn’t it surprise you as to how your favorite cricketers get paid in whooping crores, advertisements, expensive set ups, lavish organizations and immense BCCI board profits? Let us dig in to know how !

  • TICKET SALES– Ticket sales do not make up more than 20% of the input however, significantly funds the 3 groups- investors, BCCI and the IPL teams. Of the total 100% sales of ticket, 80% goes to be divided amongst the IPL teams and the remaining 20% is divided equally by BCCI and the Sponsors. This won’t come as a surprise that only the sale of tickets generate more than 1 crore.
  • SALE OF MERCHANDISE- IPL accessories, like team jerseys, caps, and accessories, are sold both online and in stadiums. The teams often receive a percentage of the sales, which adds up to millions of rupees in revenue. Even here 80% of the fund generated goes towards IPL team Fee, rest 10% towards BCCI and 10% to the sponsors.
  • AD REVENUE- Through sponsorship and advertising on its official website, app, and social media platforms, the IPL uses its online presence to make money. Brands spend millions of rupees to promote during live streaming and other IPL-related material. The 3D ads of famous brands you see on the field during the on-going match pay whooping crores to get featured. Even here the fund division stays the same.
  • FRANCHISE AUCTIONS- Cricket teams compete for the opportunity to own and run a team or new competent players in the Indian Premier League during the much awaited IPL franchise auction. The whole of the fund generated goes to the BCCI.
  • PRIZE MONEY- The sponsored amount and assets gifted as accolades to the winning team by big brands, call for major funds to the players. Here the Winning team leader gets 50% of the amount while the rest 50% gets divided amongst the winning team players.
  • MEDIA RIGHTS- How would the Indians savor their most awaited season if JioCinemas, Hotstar or StarSports have no rights to Broadcast the match? The broadcasting partners pay in millions or maybe billions to claim rights to showcase the match, drawing in millions of viewers in their channel. Here 50% funds generated goes towards BCCI and the other 50% goes to the IPL Teams.
  • SPONSORSHIPS- IPL gets payed a substantial amount to get a title sponsor for each season. Throughout the tournament, the title sponsor’s logo is widely displayed on team jerseys, stadium signage, and promotional materials, resulting in significant income generation.