SEBI’s Directive: AMCs Restricted from Charging Lower Investment and Advisory Fees in Direct Plans

Direct Plans Do not Allow AMCs to Charge Lower Advisory and Investing Fees

The Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) recently issued a directive that has significant implications for the mutual fund industry. According to the new regulations, asset management companies (AMCs) are no longer allowed to charge lower investment and advisory fees in direct plans compared to regular plans. This move aims to create a level of playing field for investors and prevent any potential conflicts of interests within the mutual fund ecosystem. Let us explore the rationale behind SEBI’s decision and its potential impact on investors and AMCs.

Understanding Direct Plans

Direct plans were introduced by SEBI in 2013 to provide investors with an alternative option to invest in mutual funds without involving intermediaries such as distributors or financial institutions. These plans create an inherent conflict of interests for AMCs. By charging lower fees in direct plans, potentially leading to a decline in the distributor community and their ability to offer investor services effectively.

Levelling the Playing Field

With the new directive, SEBI aims to eliminate the disparity between direct and regular plans by ensuring that AMCs charge the same fees for both variants. This decision intends to discourage investors from making investment choices based solely on lower costs, as it may not always be in their best interest. Instead, SEBI encourages investors to evaluate the services and benefits provided by intermediaries and make an informed decision that aligns with their goals and risk appetite.

AMC’s Adaptation

AMCs will need to adjust their fee structures accordingly to comply with SEBI’s directive. While this might result in an increase in the investment and advisory fees for direct plans, it is essential for AMCs to communicate the value they bring to the table. They can highlight the expertise for AMCs to communicate, the value they bring to the table. They can highlight the expertise, research capabilities, and financial planning assistance they offer through their network of distributors. AMCs will also need to strengthen their distribution channels and work towards enhancing investor awareness about the benefits of investing through intermediaries.


SEBI’s recent directive, prohibitive AMC’s from charging lower investment and advisory fees in direct plans, is a significant step towards ensuring fairness, transparency, and the sustainability of the mutual fund industry. While some investors may feel the impact of potential increased costs it is vital to evaluate to the holistic benefits provided by intermediaries.