What is Retirement Planning?

Retirement Planning Meaning

Life has become a rush these days as one goes from one part of an activity to the other and there is always something more left to do.  There is always a shortage of time and money to buy the latest gadgets and enjoy and party. Ask someone the question why they do all these things.

The answers will vary from person to person. Some will say that they are doing this to improve their standard of living while others will say it is for a better future. There is also a lot of emphasis on spending now and getting the best benefits right at this point in time. People often fail to give adequate attention to an important reality in this obsession with the present.

The reality is that everyone has to retire one day and proper planning must be done for the years in which earnings will come down significantly. However, at that point in time, everyone would still like to live a comfortable life and enjoy the same kind of benefits that they earned when they were young. This will be possible only when we have built up the best egg for ourselves.

Thus, in many cases, many of us fail to realize that there is also a need to build up to something for times in the future when we would no longer be able to work at the same frenetic pace or do the same kind of things that we are doing now.

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