Yeh Diwali SIP Wali: Investment Gift Options

Diwali Investment Gifts

Hindus from different parts of the world, especially in India, pray to goddess Laxmi to bring wealth every Diwali, without even realizing how to grow the wealth themselves. We all have heard of the vicious circle of Karma without which nothing is possible. How about praying for lottery winning, day and night without even buying it. Similarly, praying to the goddess to bring wealth with spending on crackers on Diwali will never bring any wealth out of it.

Diwali is the festival of triumph and fresh start. New clothes, jewelry, delicacies; this festival constitutes all. This Diwali, in continuation to celebrating the festival with all the traditions, take an oath to enlighten one’s financial well-being and safeguard future financially. Even if one spends half the amount in investing, it creates the potential of earning big in a few years’ time.

There is no better auspicious muhurat than Diwali to begin an investment journey leading to them ballooning into a large corpus due to the factor of compounding catering to the financial goals. Invest wisely & spend productively. If one chooses to invest money during this month, there are more probabilities of earning huge. It is okay to spend on Diwali celebrations, but why not spend it in a way that can earn huge returns. 

One can start investing a small amount every month in a mutual fund scheme to retire to the valleys after fifteen years. Add some financial products such as IPO, mutual funds, equities etc. to the Diwali shopping list.

Imagine and compare the output of bursting the crackers of Rs. 10k and investing Rs. 1000 per month for a year. Hazardous gasses, pollution, and litter welcome a threat to your own health and also to your loved ones. Instead, choose to invest in SIP and promise a bright future & good fortune for dear ones. We all have grown up listening to the fact, “Laxmi Ji bestows the ones who respect money.” Bursting the crackers can disrespect the goddess of riches. SIP surely, promises a secured future.

The festive celebration can be made a little more special by sowing the seeds of SIP for a Brighter and wealthier Tomorrow. Gift a secured retirement to your parents rather than unhealthy gourmets to make them economically independent tomorrow. Enrich your child with a SIP for his easy higher studies.

MyFinopedia helps in selecting the most rewarding funds to invest this Diwali. At the end, we, at MyFinopedia, wish you a very happy, prosperous and infusing Diwali. We pray that good health, happiness and success become a wind chime of your window.