Who is Grecia Munoz?

Who is Grecia Munoz

Zomato CEO Deepinder Goyal aged 41, is now married to Grecia Munoz, a Mexican businesswoman of specializing in luxury consumer products, who was earlier a model. Although Deepinder Goyal has earlier married to Kanchan Joshi whom he met at IIT Delhi during his college days. The marriage ceremony took place over a month ago, but was kept discreet due to personal reasons.

  • A native of Mexico, Grecia Munoz declares via her Instagram handle Bio that now she has made her home in India.
  • Accordingly, on January of 25th a post on her account displayed her roaming in the streets of Delhi, captioned as “ exploring my new life in my new home”.
  • It is claimed that currently, Grecia has withdrawn from her weary limelight career to start her own luxury brand.
  • According to reports, Grecia Munoz won the 2022 Metropolitan Fashion Week and appeared in a number of fashion shows as a model.

Grecia Munoz’s wedding news with Zomato CEO Deepinder Goyal is currently drawing attention because it has gained popularity. Zomato recently announced a green dress code for their delivery riders, which was specifically meant for pure veg Zomato customers.