Secondary Market

Derivatives Market Examples

A Comprehensive Overview of Derivatives!

Introduction The derivatives market is a vital component of the global financial system, serving as a platform for trading financial instruments whose values are derived from underlying assets. This market plays a pivotal role in risk management, price discovery, and speculation. In this article, we will delve into the essentials of the derivatives market. Types …

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Secondary Market Example

Secondary Market: Example, Types and Meaning

The secondary market, an alternative term for after-market where previously owned assets such as financial bonds, notes, shares or options can be bought or sold by investors in the financial marketplace. Usually, these bonds are created by initial investors who issue shares of such securities, unlike the capital or primary market where the buyer does …

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NCD vs Bonds

NCDs vs Bonds: What are the Differences ?

In 2014, RBI announced that NRIs and other foreign nationals are eligible to invest in non-convertible bonds and debentures (NCD Bonds). The contribution of NRIs to the purchasing and selling of shares or debentures has increased. What are NCDs? NCD stands for “non-convertible debentures.” These are debt instruments that are issued by companies and are …

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What is NCD

What is NCD Investment?

Non-Convertible Debentures¬†or NCDs are fixed income instrument issued by a company in order to get long-term investment benefits that carry a secured amount of interest for the investor at a certain rate. Here we shall look through some of major nuances of NCDs and why are they different from bank FDs:- What is NCD? Non-convertible …

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