Glittery Eyes on NYKAA For the IPO


On 28th November, Nykaa will step up to be the second Indian tech startup to launch an IPO,  followed by Zomato. The company has seen its business recover gradually since April 2020  and is planning an international push, informed its founder earlier today.  

On 25th October, three days before the IPO, founder Falguni Nayar at a press conference  said that the company’s gross merchandise value has gradually risen to $547 million from  $363 million in FY20 and $223 million in FY19 for the cause of the pandemic. The founder  opened up about Nykaa expanding into more genres, launching a senate of brands, and  bolstering it to Europe and the Middle East. 95% of Nykaa’s sales take place online and only  5% come from its 80-odd stores across India. 

Nykaa’s beauty and personal care business clocked a Gross Merchandise Value of $147mn in  April-June 2021. Its fashion business saw a Gross Merchandise Value of $52 million in the  same quarter. Unlike Nykaa’s core business, its fashion vertical operates through a physical  market model as well. 

The reason behind the company’s decision to go public even when the markets are flushed  with cash, she told, “We are looking at building a more sustainable organization and offering  a window of opportunity to our existing shareholders to exit.” The company has raised $100  million in equity till date. 

Nykaa is looking to list on the stock exchanges with a value at $7.1 billion. The IPO will open  on Thursday, October 28 and close on Monday, November 1st. It is glancing to raise Rs. 630  crore by issuing fresh shares priced at Rs 1,085-1,125 each, and the rest through an offer  for sale, in which existing investors will sell up to 41.97 million shares. 

The Sanjay Nayar Family Trust, a promoter, will continue to own a majority stake even after  the IPO. They currently hold more than 53% in FSN E-Commerce Ventures. 

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