India Emerged as Second Best in the World’s Sensex Index in 2022

Sensex Index in 2022

After defying all concerns about interest hikes, skyrocketing inflation, and economic slowdown, India has managed to rank itself as the second-best performer in the Sensex 2022 Index. Compared to other macroeconomic countries, India has outperformed the largest countries by gaining 4.4% benchmark domestically.

Russia, being the worst performer with a tottering 39% in RTI INDEX. Owing to geopolitical tensions, severe sanctions from US and Europe against largest nations, and inflation rising several decades high resulted in adverse or domino effect in the economy.

Source: TickertapeIN

Brazil equities became the first to reach a whopping 4.7% in the index. Amidst the central bank’s augmentation of interest rates, India has managed to pace up their revenue in the ever-growing corporate, public sector, and real-estate sector like the pre-pandemic heights. Also, the direct tax collection reached up to 32% despite the headwinds of inflation.

Many global investors believe India is seeing growth by the sale of FPI (Foreign Portfolio Investors) globally. It is also supposed to see a surge in growth beyond China, and the foreign investors will be mostly allured by its democracy and visible growth.

 Therefore, it can be concluded that India is hopefully continuing to see the same growth in the coming economic years. The upcoming index also looking for improved and more dedicated inflows from India making it the most sought destination for foreign investments.