All You Need To Know About AMFI March 2024 Assessment

AMFI released reports for March 2024

The Association of Mutual Funds in India, or AMFI, is a self-regulatory body that keeps an eye on the mutual fund sector in India. In addition to educating investors and working to safeguard their interests, it encourages mutual fund companies to uphold professional and ethical standards. AMFI is essential to the regulation of the mutual fund industry in India.

Here are some significant highlights from the AMFI released reports for March 2024 assessment for Mutual Funds   :-

  • The bar of amount of monthly contributions to SIPs rose from 13,686 Crores to 19,187 Crores, along with 28.47lakhs new registered SIP users and 820.8 lakhs existing outstanding record accounts.
  • SIP AUM is an important metric for assessing the popularity and growth of SIP investments within a fund. An increase of 4.5 crores of AUM was witnessed from April 2023 to February 2024 and 10 lakh crores assets under management.
  • Monthly Folio Analysis stands at 174,195,535
  • Monthly Average AUMs for :-
  1. Hybrid Schemes rose to 73,555crores from 506,555crores last year.
  2.  Debt Schemes rose to 1,454,400crores from 1,302,545crores last year.
  3. Equity Schemes rose remarkably to 2,291,876crores from 1,574,409crores last year February.
  • Contribution to Overall Equity AAUM :-
  1. Flexi Cap Fund leading the categories by 341,202crores
  2. Secondly, Large Cap funds by 302,409crores
  3. Mid Cap Funds by 294,575crores
  4. Small Cap Funds by 249,079crores
  5. Lowest contributions funded from Focused funds by 126,411crores

In conclusion, the March 2024 assessment by AMFI reveals a robust growth trajectory for the mutual fund industry in India. With a significant increase in SIP contributions, AUMs across various schemes, and monthly folio analysis, the report underscores the resilience and attractiveness of mutual funds as investment vehicles. This data highlights the continued trust of investors in mutual funds and the industry’s commitment to professionalism and ethical standards under AMFI’s guidance.

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