Financial Scams

Stamp Paper Scam 2003

The Stamp Paper Scam 2003 – (The Telgi Scam)

In the early 2000’s, the scam which shattered the country’s whole economic condition was the Stamp Paper Scam, 2003. The helmsman of this scam is Abdul Karim Telgi. Born in Khanapur, Karnataka, Abdul hailed from a middle-class family whose parents worked as vendors in the Khanpur Railway Station. Due to their weaker economic condition, he …

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Great Recession 2008

The Great Recession 2008

The Great Recession of 2008 stands as the most crucial economic crisis of modern history. Stemming from a perfect storm of interconnected factors, this recession shaped the way governments, financial institutions, and societies approach economic stability. In this article, let us delve into the key causes, consequences, and lessons learned from the Great Recession. A …

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Banking Sectors Fraud Concerns in India

Rising Banking Sectors Fraud Concerns in India

Banking sector frauds have become a big concern in India posing a significant threat to the financial stability of the nation. Recent years have witnessed a search in fraudulent activities within the bank industry exposing vulnerability in raising concerns about the efficacy of the existing regulatory frameworks. In 2022-2023 year-on-year, the amount of fraud cases …

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What is Hindenburg Research on Adani

Uncover The Truth As Gautam Adani Faces Accusations Of Corporate Fraud!

A damning 100-page report by activist investment firm Hindenburg Research on Gautam Adani and his organisation made serious accusations of stock manipulation and widespread fraud. Hindenburg Research, an activist investment firm, published a scathing 100-page report on Gautam Adani and his company. The third richest man in the world’s sprawling empire has already lost billions …

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Palmolein Oil Import Scam

Palmolein Oil Import Scam

The Palm Olein Import Scam refers to allegations of corruption in the import of palm olein by K. Karunakaran, the leader of Kerala’s United Democratic Front government. The Kerala government chose Power and Energy Limited at random, without seeking offers. How was the scam discovered? The Kerala government purchased 15,000 tonnes of palm oil from …

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Sukh Ram Telecom Scam

Sukh Ram Telecom Equipment Scandal

It has been nearly three decades since the Sukh Ram telecom equipment scandal first made headlines. The case, which began in 1996, centered on allegations that Sukh Ram, a former Cabinet minister in the Indian government, had accepted bribes in exchange for awarding contracts to favored companies.  Sukh Ram was forced to resign from his …

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Hawala Scandal India

Hawala Scandal

The Hawala scandal was a major Indian financial scam involving black money sent by politicians through hawala brokers in 1991. Some of the country’s top politicians were implicated in an 18-million-dollar bribery scandal. How did Scam become well-known?  After getting arrested in 1991, Ashfaq Hussain, a suspected member of the terrorist organization revealed large-scale payments …

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Jalgaon Housing Scam

Jalgaon Housing Scam 1996

The Jalgaon housing scam was a financial fraud in the Maharashtra city of Jalgaon and involved the illegal diversion of approximately Rs 110 crore in loaned public municipal funds. The funds were designated for a 1996-launched project to construct over 11,000 subsidized housing units. The incident is one of the largest scams in Maharashtra’s history.  …

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