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Sensex Hits Record High

Recently, BSE (Bombay Stock Index) listed its top 30 companies in BSE Sensex, which made new record high gains in the stock of publicly traded companies.

FPIs (Foreign Portfolio Investors) and domestic institutions bought shares worth Rs. 4,013 and Rs. 550.36 respectively. On June 21, India’s benchmark stock index reached the new record high of RS. 63,588. The FIIs continued to pump money into Indian stock markets, leading to the growth in the economic prospects, reforms, and the country’s strong demographic profile.

Another reason is the shares of Shriram Finance Private Ltd. being sold by Piramal Enterprises Ltd. through block deals with Morgan Stanley Asia (Singapore) PTE by buying 2.18 million shares.

However, with the record high Sensex index also indicate the primary player are equity investments by these companies, driving the record gains.

Therefore, when investors buy shares, it positively reflects on the equity investments of the funds market. Therefore, the recent BSE index growth performance is the investor’s sentiment about the companies’ earnings, which is the key driver to stock market performance.

Overall, the Sensex’s new record high is a positive sign for the equity investments in India, as the stock market is going to perform well. However, one should always consider due diligence and consult with financial advisors before equity investments.