MyFinopedia and Its Unique Portfolio Building Forte

Unique Portfolio Building

MyFinopedia don’t compete but Utilize best of its Expertise

Always wanted to build wealth from small investments. MyFinopedia endeavors to understand its investor’s risk appetite with the help of which we can feed the right portfolio. Before being an investor, one is always a human being. A being who has a heart who has some wishes and dreams. The heart that dreams about a lavish life, a balanced life, a great family trip, a good education to kids, better life for kids and an easy retirement. But with a limited salary, all the dreams can’t be fulfilled. We can help you fulfill your dreams step by step. How to do that? MyFinopedia has a Risk assessment tool that helps to acknowledge risk appetite keeping in mind investor’s financial and personal goals.

Yes, MyFinopedia does work on personal goals as it is the first step towards all the other goals. We start with the personal, so that investors feel calm and suffice.

Based on Risk Portraying assessment, any investor is categorized in High Risk, Moderate Risk and Low Risk in different periodic plans. To confirm that there is no human error, a software which is a combination and permutation of algorithms assesses your worthiness and gives an apprehension about you. Our experts build a personalized updated portfolio that’s a flawless bout for the investor.

MyFinopedia and its team do all the heavy lifting homework i.e. in depth research so that any investor doesn’t feel the burden of googling and browsing details from various sources. The equity experts put their analytical and cognitive theory to execution and advocate a range of stocks, chunk of allocation in a stock etc. We don’t end up here, under our wealth compounding elucidation.

Talking in mind boggling figures, our unique portfolio building forte gives you one for all reasons to grow and mingle with us. Our portfolio delivered stunning & shocking more than 700% returns since inception, whereas Nifty grew 135%