Equity Inflows Increase, and Debt Funds Sees Outflows: March 2023 Fund Flows in India

Equity Inflows 2023

Equity funds are again gaining popularity being chosen as top priority by potential investors. In a recent report by AMFI (Association of Mutual Funds in India),  it was found out that almost 31% inflows came out month by month reaching  12months this March 2023.

In addition to that, specific rise in SIP investments by retail investors has been seen lately, with the monthly inflows crossing 14,000 crore. Besides, that the total SIP accounts and AUM accounts turned out to 6.36 crore and 6.83 lakh crore respectively.

There are also other fields where notable trends and movements could be a seen in March 2023. Additionally, 12 index funds were launched which contributed to the overall inflows in passive funds. Let’s take a look in this context, a t the fund flows of important categories and other data points for the month March 2023:- 

  Categories    Inflows (in crore)Outflows (in crore)
Equity funds20,534
Sectoral/thematic funds3,929
Dividend yield funds3,716
Small cap funds2,000+
Mid cap funds2,000+
Liquid funds56,924
Money market funds11,422
Ultra short duration10,281
Corporate bond funds15,262
Banking and PSU funds6,496
Dynamic bond funds5,661
Multi asset allocation473
Conservative hybrid283
Arbitrage funds12,158
Gold ETFs267
Other ETFs331
Index funds566

Other Data Points:-

  • Average AUM: Rs. 40.05 lakh crore
  • Retail investors contributed 51%or Rs. 20.46 lakh crore through entity, hybrid and solution-oriented schemes.
  • Folio Count: 14.57 crore
  • Monthly SIP flows: Rs. 14,296 crore

In conclusion, the mutual funds industry of India has continued to experience a mixed bag of positive inflows and outflows. While equity funds witnessing inflows, debt funds witnessing outflows. However, folio count and SIP are increasing indicating the growing interest among the retail investors in India. It will be interesting to see how the industry responds to the trends and movements in the coming months.