Is Bitcoin losing its position as the crypto is now the market leader?

Finway FSC CEO

How is your company shaping the market and delivering the services to the consumers?

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Is it worth shot to invest in bitcoin when crypto marketing witnessing slow down

Recession has led to a market crash of the global crypto market, with it being down 5.27 per cent at $ 1.24 trillion in June 2022. In India, the imposition of 28 per cent GST on crypto currencies in addition to the already imposed 30 per cent income tax on the earnings from crypto asset transactions and 1 per cent tax deducted at source (TDS) on crypto transactions, has further discouraged investors to put their stakes in crypto currency. While crypto currencies are volatile and posses high risks, they are highly-rewarding investments too. Most experts will suggest that while investing in crypto investors should adopt a long-term approach rather than expecting a speedy return as it value may differ in accordance to market supply and demand. Despite the temporary slowdown in the crypto market, investors have been keeping trust on the top two crypto currencies – Bitcoin and Ethereum, mostly because these two crypto currencies hold a brighter future, being at the innovation phase. In the Bitcoin market, HODL – an acronym for “hold on for dear life” – has been becoming more and more popular; thereby making short term price fluctuations insignificant in BTC investments.

What are key processes to follow while investing in bitcoin?

The basic focus of an individual investing in Bitcoin should be to expect for long-term benefits and not speedy returns. To invest in bitcoin in India, the primary need is to find the proper and most suitable 

crypto exchange where buyers and sellers meet to exchange for coins. The safest measure is to opt for the crypto exchange that balances ease of use with low fees and high security. The next step should be to decide a payment option since several online payment options have been restricted regulatory bodies. Another key step to consider is determining a safe storage option which may be an integrated bitcoin wallet or a preferred partner where bitcoin can be hold safely.

How can people save money during the loss?

While the bitcoin market can be extremely volatile, it can significantly benefit traders in the longer run. One of the safest ways to save money in a fluctuating bitcoin market is to quickly move in and out of bitcoin and rapidly book profits by jumping out before the trend turns. Since the bitcoins are saved in a digital wallet, there are several chances of losing money because of computer malfunction, scams, hacking or physically losing the computer where the digital wallet resides. Thereby, mining bitcoins becomes a tricky but important thing for investors to consider. Efficient Bitcoin miners can produce additional Bitcoin by recording transactions in the blockchain ledger, even during market fluctuations.

Suggest 5 crypto currencies for investing in the future?

Even during the tough times, investors have been maintaining their trust on two crypto currencies – Bitcoin and Ethereum. Other safe crypto currencies for investments in the future can be Solana (SOL), Avalanche (AVAX), Binance Coin (BNB), Tron (TRX) and Cosmos (ATOM).