Payout Ratio – What Does It Mean?

Payout Ratio

A payout ratio simply refers to the total dividends ratio out of the net income of a company. A company’s payout ratio significantly denotes its long-term support & sustainability, or a lower payout ratio means the company may set a record upper in its annual cash flow. The ratio is a metric that suggests that the portion of shares divided among shareholders helps to build a more consolidated and long-term financial success in a business.

Let’s know about the dividend in detail in the below article.

Meaning & Formula

Companies want to diversify their earnings by sharing a ratio or proportion in its dividend growth. It is meant to be lowest to get more viable and sustainable growth, contrary to the highest dividend ratio that indicates lowest earnings or possible gains.

The volatility of a company amounts to virtually not a large growth, because in that case, the dividend payments become higher as the earnings per share of the company decreases. This variable is known as Dividend Pay-out Ratio or DPR.

We can understand it by the following formula:-

  • DPR (Dividend Payout Ratio): Net Dividends/ Net Earnings

For example, we can understand, $100,000 earnings for $35,000 shares as dividend means $25,000/$75,000 = 35% of dividends.

Whereas, $100,000 earnings and $60,000 of payout dividends refers to $60,000/$100,000 = 60% of shares.

This denotes the fact that if a company spends more in dividends than its establishment, it will lead to lower payout dividend percentage i.e. the downfall of the company.


Lower or Higher DPR indicates a company’s average performance in a year and the potential growth among its competitors.

Where a company is paying a high percentage in dividend, opposed to a lower percentage, the DPR metric automatically suggests that the company is near to its overthrow.

If a company’s EPS (Earnings per share) is competitively better, it can invest in the dividends substantially in a financial year to grow more. However, lower payout ratio dividend can affect in the process of higher establishment of the company and begin to break out of the company.


A dividend payout system ratio is the index that helps companies reevaluate their sustainability and growth prospects of a particular business flexibly. However, one needs to focus on making more profit in order to make higher dividend income. To summarize, a lower percentage of DPR ultimately puts a company in greater heights, whereas, a higher dividend percentage leads a company in many stakes.