Why is the CFO Called the Charming co-pilot of the Organisation?

cfo profile example

In an organization the CEO is clearly the pilot who defines strategy and vision and then aligns their team to come together and land safely, comfortably, and even quickly at their predefined destination. As teams gear to take off toward their goals, an adrenaline rush occurs, and then the navigation calls for focus and discipline. For successful landing, teams have to engage talent and skills with clear communication.

For any pilot, the skill lies in maintaining the right energy to inspire their stakeholders into being comfortable through the journey and then act promptly as required. It is undoubtedly a challenging task and an effective co-pilot is crucial for support. Considering business impact is usually judged based on the bottom line, an organization’s version of a co-pilot is a chief financial officer (CFO). 

CFOs assist the owner/ CEO in making wise business decisions and increasing their personal magnetism.

If you are a CFO, you have the option to go way beyond your financial expertise and influence your audience with your presence and charm. Here are 6 unique tips to help you co-pilot the business as a charming financial leader.

  1. Become an effective Storyteller: A crucial ability for CFOs is the ability to convey a story. CFOs are able to successfully communicate results and further energize their stakeholders. While speaking to stakeholders, CFOs should be direct, energetic, and transparent. They’re enthusiastic to bring their statements to life and energize people with their cheerful spontaneity.
  2. They are fixated on their ‘A-team’: The players who have the potential to “be the change” are the ones who engage and collaborate with others. They overcome obstacles by maintaining their focus on the A-team. When they are around, there is never a dull moment for their team because they create spaces to share opinions and ideas.
  3. Master the art of negotiation: Here, rather than merely negotiating transactions, it’s important to be able to spot possibilities and hazards. They charm others by having extraordinary observations. They put a spotlight on others to treat them like VIPs and make everyone around them feel like he/she is the only one in the room.
  4. Vibrant Business Driver: As they develop bridges to promote alignment and commitment to attaining overall corporate goals, CFOs perform this role by contributing insights and data to flesh out new ideas. They thoughtfully carry a vibrant energy in every interaction and exude positive vibes to make others feel good.
  5. Engaging as a board member- CFOs are important board members for a variety of reasons. They are in charge of the organization’s financial health and give the board new insights by engaging with others. They show their ability to engage by cheerfully acknowledging people around them and respond with a story to keep others interested during a conversation.
  6. Complementary abilities: For the business to be successful, the CFO and CEO must be able to charm their people. They need to be able to use their various knowledge and talents to support one another since they each contribute something unique to the table. While interacting with someone, they make sure to express what they genuinely like about others to make their day.