MF Industry’s Newest Player-Bajaj Finserv Launches India’s 43rd AMC with 16,000 MFDs

Bajaj Finserv Launches India's 43rd AMC with 16,000 MFDs

With India’s first Pune-headquartered fund house, Bajaj Finserv AMC is launched with a premier network distribution over 16,000 partners on June 6. As per CEO of Bajaj Finserv MF, Ganesh Mohan, “We are committed to being a full-stack financial solutions provider to meet India’s growing needs and building deeper, long term relations with customers who have already invested in the us. The launch of Asset Management helps diversify our retail franchise and leverage Bajaj Finserv Companies’ combined strength and financial services across a much larger customer base.” 

According to the authorities, they have launched seven NFOs (New Fund Offer) upon the verification by the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI). These include liquid fund, overnight fund, money market fund, balanced advantage fund, a large and mid-cap fund, a flexi cap fund. In addition, it has approval to launch an arbitrage fund.

It is also said by the authorities, that the new fund house will start launching their new fund offers within the next 30 days and they will begin that with fixed income products.

The CEO said, “Bajaj Finserv MF’s strategies are built on innovation, win-win partnerships and a future ready business model through the usage of data and tech platforms – the fundamental pillars on which the Bajaj Finserv is built.”