Monthly Market Outlook 2024

Monthly Market Outlook
  • China must make tough decisions about inflation vs. growth as the Chinese FDI declines by 82%. China has witnessed a notable decrease in recent times, which makes us question if this is the bottom of the Chinese market downfall.
  • There is an anticipated increase in federal spending, as the US debt has been rising by $100 billion every 14 days. The Federal Reserve has historically taken eight months on average to lower rates following a boost while we question if in 2H CY24, will the Fed lower interest rates?
  • India has done a good job controlling inflation as the private sector capital expenditure cycle continues in India. However, India’s economy is projected to rank third by CY2027.
  • India’s share of MSCI EM is steadily rising. Over the long run, Indian stocks have consistently produced gains. It overwhelmed every Indian that the Q3FY24 results met their expectations.
  • Weak data is driving down US Treasury Yields while aspirations of a US interest rate decreases to diminish. In January, the retail inflation in India also declined, so we still stand questioning if in  2024, the RBI will shift to a lowering rate.