National Association of Security Dealers Automated Quotations (NASDAQ)


NASDAQ Inc. is concentrating on employing technology in finance as it broadens its business lines beyond a stock exchange. The NASDAQ was the first exchange to provide online trading in 1998. A customer’s broker must call the floor broker or enter the order on the UTP if the client wishes to acquire shares listed on the NEWSE (UTP).

The NASDAQ is unique in a variety of ways. Instead of auctions, it’s a market for dealers. A dealer, often known as a market maker, enables exchanges between buyers and sellers. Stockbrokers must use the online execution method or make a phone call to the market maker to place an order. Market makers’ pricing (for both buying and selling) for each security must be submitted to the same system in order to be accepted. The automated trading system finds a match between buyers and sellers and then completes the transaction.

The 1,450 stocks listed on the NASDAQ Global Market make up the NASDAQ Global Market Composite, a global equity index. Market capitalisation for businesses in the Capital Market tier is lower than for businesses in the other two tiers. Nasdaq CEO Adena Friedman is recognized with growing Nasdaq into a significant worldwide exchange and technology firm with operations on six continents. Each October, the Global Market Composite is examined by the Nasdaq Listing Qualifications Department to determine which of its stocks are now eligible for listing on the Global Select Market. There are 1,200 stocks that satisfy the strict financial and liquidity requirements of Nasdaq.