Slow & Steady Wins The Rewards Of Better Returns With Mutual Funds

Rewards Of Better Returns With Mutual Funds

2021 was a super-duper year for bourses. Markets achieved new heights and added to investors’ wealth. But as the year was coming to end, the new variant of the pandemic, Omicron, spooked investors, and markets saw a serious correction.

The Sensex and the Nifty diminished, leaving investors scary. New things have started on a dangerous quote in 2022. However, having these elements in the portfolio can help one sail through rowdy times with ease and preserve the gains that one has made over the years.

There are two things that are important to be a winner. To begin with, there must be a winning mindset then there should be winning habits. We successfully not only set the goals of the clients but also set goals for ourselves and religiously track the progress.

Controlling almanac by disengaging with unproductive and unprofitable schemes and activities. Preparing before each activity/meeting and likewise, preparing clients to accept the realities. We communicate to clients what they expect from us being their financial experts and always reach resolute to reassure them amidst market volatilities.

A leading edge at Yogic Wealth states that Financial freedom is essentially freedom from negative thoughts. The wealth that provides us happiness is yogic wealth. Our scriptures discuss four kinds of wealth viz-a-viz health, societal, mental well-being, and finances. There should be synchronization amongst all four, only then will one be able to earn.

Scriptures also teach us to worship wealth and to not be hungry for money with unethical earnings. Financial freedom doesn’t include money but it comes from letting go of negative emotions like fear, insecurities, anxieties, greed, jealousy, etc. The wealth that offers us happiness is real wealth earned with patience and ethics.

MyFinopedia has become a one-stop solution provider for clients. Think how all can move together. Until and unless the wealth managers move, it’ll be very difficult for us to monetize. Understanding a scheme structure will provide a better standing and negotiating power with the regulator. Go beyond salaries and bank interests’ incomes to mutual funds, insurance, retirement planning, estate planning, etc. 

Hope, hype, and hard fact. By understanding the hard facts behind the hype, you’ll be ready to prevent plenty of bubbles going forward. Bubbles appeal to inner greed and are complex yet consistent. Complicated analogies make it difficult to know data and facts get ignored. 

At any time, if one is earning a return beyond the risk-free rate consistently, it’s certainly unsustainable. Further, anything that’s too consistent and delivers regular month-on-month returns has some element of tail risk that erupts sooner or later and no one can predict it.