What should I give in Bhai Dooj?

Bhai Dooj Gifts

The festival of Bhai Dooj, it brings upon rich sentimental value and religious importance as well.  The brothers pledge to protect and care for their sisters while the sisters pray and ask God for  graces and blessings for their brothers. This is followed by giving material gifts. From gifts to  cash, the gifting concept has changed altogether but the intention remains the same. Try gifting  them an investment asset or opportunity if you want to gift something unique which will act as  security for their better future. 

In India, investment comes with a myth of being complicated and general people flinch away from  it. Ensure your sibling doesn’t do that, gift some advice to your sibling this Bhai Dooj for their  prosperous future. 

Investments made with a goal have more chances of creating wealth and fulfilling dreams and  desires. The interest rate on a savings account is declining day by day. Investing brings lots of  avenues with higher returns. 

Investments encourage having emergency funds. Motivate your siblings to plan finances in advance  by inculcating the importance of budgeting and discipline spending. Maintaining an emergency fund  helps withdrawing if a financial emergency arises. 

Investments in reality means automating savings. A convenient way to nest eggs is via Systematic Investment Plan mode. The bank will automatically deduct their monthly contribution  to the mutual fund of the chosen AMC. It prevents overspending and backing out from  investing.  

These re-invest in shares and stocks under the guidance of a fund advisor. SIPs ensure that  regular contribution towards the fund reduces any major financial downfall in the long run to  organize the monthly budget

SIP for the healthy and wealthy life for your Sibling !

All have financial goals ranging from buying a house, an expensive gadget or vehicle, traveling for  leisure etc. And to accomplish these, a SIP is a contemporary and effective mode of investing in  mutual funds. SIPs help to mitigate the risk involved and the power of compounding to add to  financial security. 

Today’s lifestyle invites higher risk to the health of our loved ones. Gift your sibling/s a health  insurance policy and pay his/her premium, it would truly be a valuable and unforgettable gift. 

So, bring a positive change in the life of your siblings this bhai dooj brighten up their financial  future and strengthen the bond.