Highlights of the Tata Technologies IPO

Tata Technologies IPO


With a 180% increase in shares over the IPO price, Tata Technologies becomes the best debut of 2023.
The shares, which were priced 140% more than their IPO price, floated at Rs 1,200 on the National Stock Exchange and Rs 1,199 on the BSE.
In early trading, it surged as much as 180% to Rs 1,400 a share. At Rs 1,326.70 per share, the shares gained 10.56% from their listing price and concluded at a premium of 165.34% over the IPO price.
Tata Technologies, being a part of the prestigious Tata Group, which is recognised for its varied business endeavors, has the potential to make a positive impact on the ever-changing market landscape due to its remarkable rise in value!

What was the issue price of Tata Tech?

67 anchor investors received 1.58 crore shares at a price of Rs 500 each from the engineering services company. HSBC, Kotak, DSP, Motilal Oswal, Edelweiss, Goldman Sachs, BNP Paribas, Fidelity International, Nippon Life India, SBI Mutual Fund, and so on are among the purchasers.Having a price-to-earnings ratio of 32.8–30.8 times for the last fiscal year that concluded on March 31st, Tata Technologies is the least expensive company in the sector.
The pricing range for Tata Technologies’ IPO is ₹475 to ₹500 per share. An application must have a minimum lot size of thirty shares. Retail investors are obliged to invest a minimum of ₹15,000. For both sNII and bNII, the minimum lot size investment is ₹210,000 for 14 lots (420 shares) and ₹1,005,000 for 67 lots (2,010 shares).

When Tata Technologies IPO is coming?

November 22, 2023 marked the beginning of the Tata Technologies IPO auction, which concluded on November 24, 2023. Tuesday, November 28, 2023, saw the completion of the allotment for the Tata Technologies IPO. On November 30, 2023, the shares were listed on the BSE and NSE.

Tata Technologies IPO Release Date

November 22 is the day of the Tata Technologies IPO, and November 24 is the closing date. On November 29, the Tata Technologies IPO allotment will be completed.

Tata Technologies IPO Lot Size

A bid of ₹15,000 for 30 shares is the minimum, and ₹195,000 for 390 shares is the maximum.

Tata Technologies IPO Allotment Date

The final allocation for the Tata Technologies IPO took place on Wednesday, November 29.

The Tata Technologies IPO is essentially told as a story of financial intrigue, with each subsection summarising a key facet of this momentous market event. Investors participate in a strategic dance in the fast-paced world of initial public offerings as they negotiate the nuances of issue pricing, release dates, lot sizes, and allocation. The Tata Technologies IPO is evidence of how investor excitement and company strength can come together to shape the conversation in financial markets.